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Photography Professionals Coaching 

At our photography coaching company, we can help you improve your pictures with Lightroom & Photoshop editing basics, teach you everything about Landscape Photography as a hobby, or even guide you on becoming a professional photographer. Schedule a meeting with us today and start learning! .


"Her turnaround time is extremely quick with professional-quality pictures."


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We help you bring your photography to the next level.

Editing in Lightroom &

Photoshop Basics


Photography for the Hobbyist


Professional Photography

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How it works

The process is simple and effective to achieve the best results


We meet on Zoom or the Phone and help to figure out where you are in your knowledge of photography and where you want to end with in your understanding of it. 

Lightroom Photo Editing & Phototshop (intro)

This course schedule has a pre-requisite of having available Lightroom & Photoshop in any of its newer updates. We will walk you through how to edit your home and vacation photos to get the best final photos that you will be able to do by the end of the classes.

Photography for Hobbyists

This course schedule is for those that want the knowledge of how to become the best Landscape Photographers that you can be. We get you there by starting with the basics of Composition and how to understand some of the parts of the digital to mirrorless cameras you may be overlooking. You will have the choice of which ones you would like to follow though the best way is to go through them in order to get the most benefit. 

How to Make Money as a Professional Photographer

We go over the ways and options on how to make money as a Professional Photographer. It is really easier than you think if you keep your mind open. Though we specifically teach how to do so with Landscape Photography, we do touch on some other ways to get into the space of Professional Photographer.

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Meet the Founder of Photography Professionals Coaching

We meet you where you are and take you as far as you want to go

Founder|Professional Photographer

Andrea B Denney

My name is Andrea B Denney and I have been doing Photography since 2018. My husband Lee is my cheering section. I honestly got given 5 years to live as I was bedridden for 12 years. The doctor told me I had to get out of it by losing the weight of an adult human. Photography Saved my life. I stretched my self to all my limits to get my final exam done from the Michigan State University and lost 175lbs. Due to finding out I was allergic to simple sugars of all things. As I stretched my wings that were clipped for so long in 2021 I opened a real estate photography company while doing landscape photography as that was my true love with photography. 

Here we are in 2023 and I have been asked to join a NFT business that potentially can boost my sales and other important avenues that I can sell my Landscapes with. 


What our clients say

Our clients love the photography we have taken for them

"Her turnaround time is extremely quick with professional-quality pictures."



"Andrea handled the photo shoot at my home with respect and professionalism."



"Thanks Andrea for the great service."



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